10 Warnings to Pay Attention to When You Buy Dissertation and Thesis Online

It is natural to have doubts when you decide to hire one of the experts online to buy a custom-written term paper from. But there are also many warning signs that will help you avoid swindlers and address reliable services like in case with a student, who buy dissertation and thesis on BuyDissertations.com. The only thing you are to do is to learn these signs. We hope you will find our tips quite helpful if you are currently putting ‘help me write my college essay’ into the Google search engine.

Smartphone based on Raspberry Pi Zero

There are many attempts to build an open source phones. This is possible with availability of required modules like GSM, Wifi and other parts. All you need is to put hardware together and take care of software. Of course it sounds easy and fun, but in reality you may face lots of problems starting with selecting components, assembling them in compact shape, writing code. Be sure the end result always be a brick in a hand. Anyway building a phone can be fun and give valuable experience. Arsenijs have shared his interesting smartphone solution in hackaday.io. He used Raspberry Pi zero as base component. He wanted phone to be repairable, cheap and built from available parts. The end declared price is about $50. Phone building blocks consists of Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

Geocache box with extra challenge

Yes, geocaching is still live and people enjoy this activity. GPS (or other) accessible to anyone who have at least a smart-phone. The idea is simple – you need to find a cache according to GPS coordinates. Usually this is hidden storage box with log book with sometimes additional treat. In order to make things more challenging, Cliptwings constructed a puzzle box powered by Arduino. The puzzle is a hangman game which has to be played and won in order to open the box. Controls are pretty simple – by turning knob you can select a letter and with single button you enter it. Arduino generates five random words to be guessed, and if most of them are not guessed – box remains locked. To in safe side, battery is … Continue reading

How to Create Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails

Have you ever seen YouTube and felt a strong urge to watch it? Do you remember that other video that did not have the same effect? Apart from content, nothing is more important than a thumbnail for any YouTube video release. This is because the quality of a thumbnail determines whether one will watch the video. A nicely done video caption is what draws clicks and views. This means this is where your most of your attention should be whenever you creating something for YouTube audience. Professional video crafters use the following tips and tactics to get numerous views.

5 Online Tools That Will Help Write My College Essay and Paper without Mistakes

If you have decided one day ‘I will write this academic assignment myself’, you will need all your courage and knowledge to become successful. While others send ‘write my college essay on https://www.onlinecollegeessay.com/write-my/’ requests, you dare the system and work on your dissertation, admission paper, thesis or term project applying the writing skill you have. This is a wise choice for sure. Yet still, you may need a tool or app that will help avoid simple and dummy mistakes after the process is over. Where to Look for Tools When You Don’t Hire Someone to Write College Essay and Paper? Online, of course! These are not apps for sale that you can download and use without the Internet connection. They are absolutely free programs designed to avoid spelling and grammar … Continue reading