Raspberry Pi – formatting and mounting USB drive

Lets say you bought fresh new flash disk which most likely isn’t formatted. Simply plug thumb drive in to Raspberry Pi USB port and check if it has been detected by typing

sudo blkid

You should see in the list /dev/sda1 device which is our USB drive:


Since I want my drive to work on PC it need to be formatted with FAT32 partition. First of all you need to install Windows/DOS FAT32 support tools: Continue reading


Selecting the Right Lead Screw for Linear Motion Application

There are many applications of lead screws. Mostly, they are used in linear actuators. In addition to this, lead screws are of different types and sizes. Selecting the right lead screw not only makes the job easier but also ensures high quality and efficiency.

Linear motion is a movement in a straight path. Linear motion solutions are designed in a way that they take advantage of this type of movement in order to carry out many tasks. The problem arises when it comes to the selection of the right screw for the job. There is a great importance in carrying out a task effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it is good to choose the right type of lead screw for the job. There are factors that a person should consider when selecting a lead screw for a particular task. They include:



Thrust refers to the force required to move the screw as well as its load. Thrust is of two types. The first type of thrust is known as peak thrust, which occurs during acceleration and is experienced for a short time. The other type of thrust is called continuous thrust. This type of thrust is experienced when a system has full linear motion. In order to meet all the requirement of a system, the lead screw diameter should coincide with the amount of thrust requirement. The greater the thrust, the larger the diameter. Continue reading