Looking for digital oscilloscope? – Try DSO138 from Gearbest

We all agree that hobbyist or engineer should have proper bench oscilloscope for everyday use. They have all standard features including built in screen, interchangeable probes and convenient knob controls. Anyway if you are looking for temporary cheap solution, you can try building your own oscilloscope. Luckily you don’t have to make it from scratch because there are many projects and kits available that are cheap but powerful enough to fit most of basic needs.

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Most Popular Montreal Call Center Services

The idea behind having a business run smoothly is to ensure that customer service is at the top of the list. The problem is that many businesses especially those that are new or is growing fast, does not have the manpower to ensure that everything can be completed in a smooth operation. One of the industries that is now going even faster are call centers due to the various services they can provide to allow businesses to carry on other aspects of their business. Continue reading


The accessories make the phone

These days, everywhere you look people are on their phones.  We are the Smartphone Generation.  So many people use their phones for communication, entertainment, home management, business connections and more that those who don’t have a cell phone are often looked at as though they are stuck in the Dark Ages.

For those of us who are never without our phones, however, they go beyond their functional purposes.  They are a part of our identities.  They are an opportunity for an expression of personal style.  No one wants to have the same phone that everyone else on the block has.  That’s where companies who specialize in add-ons for your phone come in.  These accessories can take a straight-of-the-box phone and make it one of a kind.  There’s an accessory for every phone, for every statement you might want to make.  Continue reading