How to get a dream job in a minute

I believe it sounds a bit unreal, but it may work. To get job is pretty easy, but first you need to make a good impression to your future employer. Sending perfect resume doesn’t guarantee a success, because all your competitors are smart enough to make their own CV look great so there is a little chance that yours will get exceptional attention. There is another way to make you see different. So Ramiro, the guy who is looking for his dream job decided to design a business card which would contain all aspects of perfect employee: contact information, professionalism, engineering skills, and even more to be used as useful gadget.

This business card is not a piece of paper, but PCB with Microcontroller and memory. PIC 24FJ64GB002 microcontroller contains an USB interface that enables card to act as generic flash stick. That can be plugged to PC USB port. It contains an autorun function that automatically loads resume and other portfolio. Card also can be used for other applications like data acquisition or other tasks. But probably main purpose is to serve as highway to engineering job position and it is worth trying.

Simple Tutorial on interfacing 5×7 dot matrix display with AVR

Dot matrix displays are common display types in electronics. They are used where simple pseudo-graphics information need to be indicated.  Controlling dot matrix display is quite easy because it is nothing more than LED array. Anyway there are some points to keep in mind to make things easier.

In this project you will find out how to connect 5×7 dot matrix displays to AVR microcontroller and display information by scanning lines at some frequency – as you know these works dynamically to fool your eyes. Simple code snippet will give some starting point.

LED cube not like others

Probably you’ve seen many LED cube projects – they all look cool. But to make a LED cube you need hell a lot LEDs and patience when soldering them. Any way results always pays off. But you know to make LED cube you can go different way – build a single plane of LEDs and then shake it at some frequency along with lighting sync.

This is a very original idea of using simple shaker to 3D make cube effect of 2D LED matrix. The circuit with AVR controlled LEDS is fixed on Slotted steel which one end is also fixed to the table. Down below is a motor that rotates a weight on its shaft this way creating vibrations of 10Hz. Photo sensor detects the vibrating top point and this way synchronizes the show. In the dark effect looks really cool. To make things simpler Matt (author) wrote simple Visual Basic application to generate binary arrays of images that are stored in MCU memory. This project actually proves that there always is more than one solution to a single problem. So don’t afraid to experiment and see things differently.

Get your right medication in time with Automatic Medication Dispenser

I believe many people are on some medications or other vitamins. So this project might be interesting for those “nerdy” ones who like everything to be scientific and technical. Automatic medical dispenser is an AVR based machine which automatically gives a pill at a time when needed. So no confusion or forgetting. It has running calendar and clock to track time, while correct pills are dispensed from CNC milled drums.

Machine working idea is pretty simple. It has seven drums for each weekday and each drum has four compartments to store pills. Medication time can be set with two buttons and LCD menu. So when there is a time to take a pill – dispenser drops pills and sounds alarm. After you take pills you stop alarm by pushing a button. The idea is simple, but be sure it works correctly especially when taking strong medication. Let the first round be vitamins.