Flexible Arduino may change design habits

Arduino is evolving constantly. Not it’s got flexible form thanks to Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) technology. It has a different view and approach comparing to well known prototypes. As it is designed on a film, so it is cut-able, chain-able with film connectors.

Despite the fact that it is quite fragile, FPC Arduino is fully functional circuit with ATmega168/328, USB interface. Probably one of the greatest uses for this is wearable electronics or other applications where flexibility and modularity is needed.

How about playing some Rock?

Rock fans and Guitar Hero lovers should be interested in this project as this is a Rock Band player that actually decodes Xbox 360 video output and sends button pushes to beat bots.

Well there is some math behind this, but the fact is that controller analyses video signal and determines when notes pop out. Project is designed around ATmega644 microcontroller running at 16MHz and is put on a custom prototyping board. When put in to nice guitar case – it becomes pretty attractive instrument.

Broken speedometer? – Then make one

It happens sometimes that car speedometer fails and you have two choices – either try to fix it or build another one that would be different and cool. The following project is built around AVR ATmega328 microcontroller. And yes…its Arduino.

Speed signal is taken with hall sensor that is triggered by magnet placed on prop-shaft, the rest is left for microcontroller where it can do much more than display current speed. It also displays max speed and trip distance when car isn’t moving. So this can be a perfect replacement of broken speedometer or nice addition along good one.

Make Geo Caching a bit catchier

Probably you all know what GeoCache is. It’s pretty simple – you need to locate some hidden treasure according to GPS coordinates. But what if make it a bit different when you already have a treasure in your hands but can’t open it until you place it on specific coordinates.

So this project is a box that opens when it is located on predefined coordinates. It is based on PIC18F2520 microcontroller which is interfaced to GPS receiver, LCD and lock of course. Device also logs each try to locate coordinates so it makes possible to analyze how good you were at locating these coordinates. So this is great addition to GeoCaching and everyone would probably love to give a try.