Gearbest review: Setting up an Arduino workplace

Arduino have evolved into popular development platform with variety of boards, shields and strong community. It’s simplicity and robustness allows tweaking, designing and building things even if you have are little or no experienced in electronics and microcontrollers. Today Arduino comes in many different shapes and processing power. Gearbest team was so kind to supply Arduino Mega 2560 R3 featuring ATmega2560 microcontroller. This is most powerful AVR based Arduino having 54 I/Os, 256KB flash, 4KB of SRAM and 4KB of EEPROM.


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Easy to build Arduino based game console

Sometimes simple games are more fun than high quality large games. Especially if you build it by yourself. Joao Vilaca has taken old good games like Tetris back to life. For this he used Arduino Pro Mini, 2.2” TFT color screen and three axis joystick.

Game console is also equipped with piezo buzzer for classic sound effects. It is powered with four AA batteries that are regulated by arduino on-board voltage regulator. There is only one game so far – Tetris, which can be downloaded form GitHub. There are promises of more games to come.

Samsung introduces Arduino compatible ARTIC platform

Probably any significant chip manufacturer already have their own version of Arduino compatible platform. This is inevitable process, since millions of developers are already using open source platforms successfully and always are looking for new ideas and solutions. Samsung also made their ARTIC fully Arduino compatible


Currently they introduced several versions of ARTIC boards that scale up in terms of features and size. Smallest board which is 12mm x 12mm of size packs ARM based Dual Core 250MHz with 1Mb on chip RAM plus 4Mb Flash. It has BLE connectivity and additionally include 9 axis motion sensor. Other boards are more advanced that come with faster multicore ARM processors with GPU plus 512Mb/2Gb LPDDR3 RAM. Connectivity features include WiFi, BT, BLE, ZigBee. GPU works with hardware based video codecs. Boards can be programmed using same Arduino IDE what makes transition much simpler to existing users.

Portable GPS tracker for patients with Alzheimer’s disease

We see many tracker devices that serve various purposes. Most of them are for fun, for securing things, but this one earns respect because it is used to track Alzheimer’s patients. This is quite problematic area for relatives who have such a patient. He can leave and then forget where to return. This little tracked device may help reduce the trouble of finding such people.


LoganP2 shared his simple build where he uses Arduino micro, GSP breakout board and Adafruit FONA board for getting location from a distance. Everything is placed inside 3D printed box. It seems that after prototyping there are plans for making more compact and more ergonomic version.