Cheap Arduino brew monitor

Martin and his friends started brewing beer at home. They started with simple and manual temperature monitoring which appeared to be inconvenient. First of all you need to be in place to check fermentation temperature. So they started looking for simple system that would read temperature and plot data on the web. They found out that most of them are over budget or require significant effort in configuring. So they started their own Brewmonitor.


They took cheap Arduino clone and connected DS18B20 temperature sensor. Then they used ESP8266 Wi-Fi module for internet access. By using POST method they were able to post temperature values to web-server with PHP and MySQL. AngularJS front-end graphs data and refreshed it every time page is loaded. From this point system can be further upgraded by adding freezer/heater to sustain required temperature. But again, additional features may rise overall cost. Keep an eye on project at Git.

Simple Arduino experiments with nixie

Kevin is collecting parts for his nixie clock project. But before starting he played couple experiments on starting and controlling IN-12s and In-3s nixie indicators.


In order to start IN-3s there is 90 volts needed. He had 170V step-up converter board, so he added 68k resistor in series to get to required level. Next step was to connect to Arduino. For this purpose he used MJE340 power transistors. After this successful experiment he will head straight to clock project.

Arduino based bracelet with OLEDs

Wearable electronics isn’t something new to us. There are plenty development boards specially designed for such applications. But seems that there is plenty of room for creativity in this area. Arduboy introduces his ardubracelet project, where he builds a bracelet out of small Arduino board and flexible circuit which caries not one, but three OLED screens.

As you can see in demo, all three screens are linked as one allowing to play games like Tetris or use them as a watch. Controls on bracelet is done with touch senor pads. To make it complete there’s probably some polishing needed – 3D printing will fix this issue. Also there are promises of feature enhancements like Blue-tooth.

Custom Arduino keyboard for Minecraft players

Minecraft is pretty well known computer game where you have freedom to build and destroy world elements made of bricks. Some people find it very addictive while other call it waste of time. But all games are more or less waste of time aren’t they?


Lakhan Mankani finds Minecraft quite interesting and addictive, so he decided to build a special keyboard for it. He used an Arduino board which interfaces 9 Tactile switches. Gamepad extends existing PC keyboard with those nine buttons – they can be arranged as you like. With current Arduino sketch buttons work with default game controls. There are some issues with some laptop keyboards as it tends to replace its keyboard with gaming pad while playing.