A Guide to Choosing the Best IT Support

Best IT Support

IT is at the crux of most businesses, whether they’re small family-run enterprises or massive global conglomerates. The really successful businesses usually realise something that the others don’t though: IT needs to be maintained and looked after constantly, and it doesn’t simply work in the background, never requiring a second thought. The more successful businesses also realise this: keeping an IT system in tip-top shape isn’t something that just anyone can do – it needs to be done by a professional company, with the experienced needed to remedy problems or, even better, prevent the problems from occurring at all. There are loads of loads of IT support companies out there, and they all say that they’ll be the best choice for your company. And who can blame them for making … Continue reading

Alexander Sadovsky on Yandex policies and future tendencies


Head of Yandex search services Alexander Sadovsky recently gave a lecture that was both interesting and genuinely informative. However, although the lecture was brilliant as always, the questions and answers that took place afterwards allowed us to shed some light on Yandex trends and modern tendencies. Question: What are you planning to switch off after the backlinks? What will it be? Alexander Sadovsky: We are always trying to switch everything on and not turn it off. We are not eager to get rid of things. We want to give new opportunities and possibilities. Question: Does a career in online marketing have any limitations?