Which e-reader is the best to use?


If you like to read books without having the inconvenience of carrying them around with you then chances are you have considered buying an e-reader, if you do not already have one. At one time e-readers were hugely popular; it was something of a trend to own one. That has since changed a little and the popularity of e-readers has remained static somewhat. This does not mean there is not still a place for e-readers if you like to read on the move. Of course, you do not necessarily have to use an e-reader to read content. You can read more about the various types of publications you may be able to read online, such as flip-books. The fact remains that certain content is specifically created to be read using … Continue reading

How to Get Your Important Homeschooling Tools & Supplies


Surviving financially Although the US economy has been on the road of recovery since 2008 there are still a very large number of US families that are struggling to survive financially. It just seems that there is so much uncertainties over which we do not have control. There is just no way to know whether more bailouts or tax surprises may come our way. Those finances we do have, have to be well managed and they have to be spent on real necessities such as school tools and supplies. Many people have heard about homeschooling but they do not really know which kinds of educational tools and supplies will be necessary in order to ensure that the child can be properly educated. There are more things to consider than merely … Continue reading

Low budget feature rich multimeter


In my opinion multimeter is a number one tool on every electronics engineering bench. There is no question that at least one multimeter should be reliable and rigid. They usually cost more but you can use it with confidence. In most cases one multimeter isn’t simply enough. Some measurements can engage even four multimeters and more. If you are serious about electronics, you need to have several of them. Not all of them should be expensive and top brand. Practice shows that mid-range brands perform pretty well and in some cases can offer additional features that you may find useful. Let’s look at $50 range multimeter OWON B35 which looks pretty attractive with all of its features and look. Neat thing is that it comes with Blue-tooth 4.0 connectivity enabling … Continue reading

How to Develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan


Data loss is a bad thing for any business – something that can not only cause massive inconvenience, but also completely cripple the business, often forcing it to close completely. The businesses that do survive are generally the ones that have prepared for a disaster – those who have invested in safeguarding their future. This article will look through the different steps needed in order to create an effective IT disaster recovery plan, so you and your business will suffer as little as possible in the event of catastrophic data loss. While creating a disaster recovery plan is absolutely essential, it should not be the only thing done by a business. Equally as important is developing a relationship with a disaster recovery expert, who is ready to step in when … Continue reading

Poor Mobile Connection and Cell Phone Signal Booster


You’re finally moving out of the city. A house of your dream in the peaceful countryside far from noise, crazy traffic, smog and signal reception…Could you assume it would be like this? Mobile connection in rural areas is often unreliable. You can pick up rather strong signal outside your house, but it’s not possible to get it inside. Countryside is not the only area where you can lack coverage. Even in the offices in the very heart of a busy city it’s often hard to make calls and access speedy 3G. Why does it happen today when mobile network service is at such a high level?! Why can mobile signal be poor? Long distance from the mast Cell towers are all across our cities, but there’re still places that stay … Continue reading