A Holiday Programmed for Romance

No matter how much I explain that I design digital devices and interactive objects using open sourced software that can sense and control objects in the physical world, my folks just don’t get it.  It’s too techie for them.  So I decided to show them what I do and how it applies in the real world by taking Arduino kits and building all my gifts for Christmas.  Luckily I’m from a small family and have the time to do this without flaming out of grad school.  It wasn’t long before I realized a Battle Bot like robot would not make an impressive gift for my grandma.  Worse, it could hurt her.  Blinking lights can be interesting, but useless.  Creating things like robotic arms are good for demonstrating how this stuff … Continue reading

Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Hire SEO Providers

A large percentage of small businesses experience low sales and profit during the first phase of their operation. For the reason that they have no means of advertising their business or service they render except for “word of mouth” or leaving their products to speak for themselves. Although, this has been efficient in some cases but would have probably taken a long period of time before the business starts to bloom and grow. Such businesses need to have an effective SEO strategy to help increase their visibility online. This is why they need to hire an SEO provider who will use strategic techniques to help increase your sales and revenue. Why do you think a small business should hire an SEO provider to help achieve their business goals? Here are some … Continue reading

Writing an essay Tips and tricks for college or university

If you don’t know how to start writing an essay and going back to college or university course might be a very daunting prospect.  If it has been ages since you have done any type of writing or studying, let alone writing an essay, then don’t worry, most colleges and online courses, have study skill details including homework tip and help me to write an essay guide. So if you are aware of your essay writing skills, then consider getting help from an expert with things like grammar, paragraph structure, spelling, and grammar. Most universities offer this  ‘help me write an essay‘ and you can find many free resources online as well also you get help at https://essays.writepro.net/write-my.html. The first thing to consider is to be very prompt about before … Continue reading

Access Restricted/Blocked Content With Smart DNS Proxy

Currently, at smartdnsproxy.com, you are allowed to share advantages which come with access to restricted or “blocked” content. If you are interested in this service, you can have free access for a time, and all you need to do is sign up. Global Stealth, Inc., the organization providing this service is made up of pioneering influences when the development of data encryption, anonymity services, and global internet security are taken into account. For over twenty years, this organization brings innovative technology to you and millions of other people. Some fortune-500 companies have recently requisitioned Global Stealth for their services. These companies include, Apple BP IBM Microsoft These big-ticket organizations knew Global Stealth could handle their secure data encryption over the web.