The Top Business Design Layouts for Your New Blog

Your blog can serve as the hub of your business, so it makes a lot of sense to make sure you have the right look. Right after you set up your domain and web hosting, you should start looking at what kind of layout to use for your blog. If you’re setting up a business blog, you may think that you’ll be confined to certain types of looks. However, there are a wide variety of layouts that you can use to help your blog stand out. Here is a quick list of business design layouts you can use for your blog. Simple Hero Image Layout If you want to go with a minimalist approach and focus on the content, Help Scout has a great layout you can model. Half of … Continue reading

Difference between digital/bourdon pressure gauge

Pressure gauges, defined in the simplest way possible, are instruments used to measure and display pressure. Although all pressure gauges record the same thing, there are still several types of gauges used in various fields. For better or worse there are several factors that determine whether or not a specific gauge should be used in the field. Take, for example, one of the oldest, and still the most popular, Bourdon pressure gauge. The first models of these have existed over a hundred years, whereas now there are digital pressure gauges that are beginning to come into competition with this classic style. Both have their positives and negatives and we intend on exposing them for their similarities and differences in order to give a better understanding on which type of pressure … Continue reading

9 Tips for Nebulizing the Young Ones

Kids are adorable. They are the most loveable thing to be present on this planet earth. It’s like god has sent angels on the planet so that people could learn how to love and how not to hate. The young ones who are perhaps the most affable thing on this planet. So, what happens when these small wonders fall ill? It for sure looks bad and one whether connected or not just wants to have them walk over the pain. And that is why we have come these nebulization tips for your young ones. Today’s air is no good for young ones. The dust, the pollution, the smoke, all have adverse effect. So just to keep your child healthy and fit and having them not be in pain once being … Continue reading

Wearable electronics

Many tech experts think that the next technology wave, beyond the smartphone will be the wearable device.  Fitness trackers have been around for a few years and have a reliable feature set. Smartwatches, running the Android or Apple operating systems have their early adopters, but sales have been less than stellar.  People complain about their bulk and limited feature set. They are often quite ugly. Wearables don’t have to come in an ugly watch form.  There are some interesting products that you can get right now, to participate in the wearable revolution. Various kinds of products are available now. For instance you can get a smartwatch in the form of a designer watch. You can get nice smartwatches now from Fossil, Kate Spade, Michael Kors  and Skagen.  These come in … Continue reading

A Holiday Programmed for Romance

No matter how much I explain that I design digital devices and interactive objects using open sourced software that can sense and control objects in the physical world, my folks just don’t get it.  It’s too techie for them.  So I decided to show them what I do and how it applies in the real world by taking Arduino kits and building all my gifts for Christmas.  Luckily I’m from a small family and have the time to do this without flaming out of grad school.  It wasn’t long before I realized a Battle Bot like robot would not make an impressive gift for my grandma.  Worse, it could hurt her.  Blinking lights can be interesting, but useless.  Creating things like robotic arms are good for demonstrating how this stuff … Continue reading