Alexander Sadovsky on Yandex policies and future tendencies


Head of Yandex search services Alexander Sadovsky recently gave a lecture that was both interesting and genuinely informative. However, although the lecture was brilliant as always, the questions and answers that took place afterwards allowed us to shed some light on Yandex trends and modern tendencies. Question: What are you planning to switch off after the backlinks? What will it be? Alexander Sadovsky: We are always trying to switch everything on and not turn it off. We are not eager to get rid of things. We want to give new opportunities and possibilities. Question: Does a career in online marketing have any limitations?

A ‘How To’ Guide for Installing Windows 10 on your PC

Windows 10 is finally here. Launched by Microsoft, it gives millions of people who currently have Windows 7 or 8 an opportunity to get the latest operating system through Microsoft for free. Some questions you might be asking yourself are whether or not you should upgrade to Windows 10 and if so, should you handle the job or have a tech do it? Before deciding to upgrade your Windows, it’s important for you to determine if you really want to. It is not necessarily a great move for everyone. There are still issues, glitches and bugs that need to be worked out. It is really suggested that if you want to upgrade, you wait a few weeks before doing so. Now, if you have not already installed Windows 10 on … Continue reading

The Hosting Dilemma

For anyone who has thought about starting an online business or even simply wanted to put up a personal blog, there’s one aspect of the whole process that often stops people in their tracks – web hosting. What is it? Why do I need it? What type is best? These are just a few of the queries that those new to building websites face when they begin to look at their hosting options. Here we take a look at those questions and give you the answers you need in order to make the right decision when you come to take out your next hosting package.

Selecting the Right Lead Screw for Linear Motion Application


There are many applications of lead screws. Mostly, they are used in linear actuators. In addition to this, lead screws are of different types and sizes. Selecting the right lead screw not only makes the job easier but also ensures high quality and efficiency. Linear motion is a movement in a straight path. Linear motion solutions are designed in a way that they take advantage of this type of movement in order to carry out many tasks. The problem arises when it comes to the selection of the right screw for the job. There is a great importance in carrying out a task effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it is good to choose the right type of lead screw for the job. There are factors that a person should consider when … Continue reading