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  1. Hello sir,
    I am doing a project on USB interfacing. i want to Interface PC uSB port with PIC18F4550 to control various electronic device.
    i need to control only the output ports of PIC18F4550 by genrating commands from PC.That is if i want to control Stepper motor then step and direction pulse for controlling stepper motor will be applied from PC by coding in C/C /VC or any other may be controlled by some GUI or some key event from keyboard.
    so,i need USB driver for this IC and how can i send the commands to this driver for controlling eletronic devices?
    And Do i need any programmer circuit for this IC?if yes then from where i can get software for that?if i want to make my own programmer circuit then how can i make ?

    With Thanks And Regards,
    Vijay Kanse.

  2. sir, im doing my M.E. project in “measuring & monitoring the parametres of electric system of an aquarium using PIC18F4250.

    plz help me.

  3. Atmega128 development board with MMC/CD slot

  4. shridhar salmalge

    hello sir, i want to do my BE project based on DSP.
    i want to do “portable 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer” as my BE project.
    so can you help me.
    i got this title from your website
    i am requesting you to send all information you have about this project.
    thank you.

  5. sir,
    i want to do a mini projects based on infrared so please help me.
    tis is my mail ID

  6. instead of using “L14F1” transister, what device can be replased.
    please send me answer to

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