The Top Ways Freelance Designers Can Earn Passive Income

As a freelance designer, it can be tough to rely on new clients for revenue. What many freelance designers aren’t aware of is the fact that they can generate a passive income and still stay in the design industry. Creating passive income is something that they can work on during their down time when there aren’t any projects available. Usually, creating additional revenue streams can take away valuable time from your design career but here are some of most efficient ways to earn a passive income.

Opening garage door with fingerprint

There are still majority garages that can be opened with regular key. This is probably least secure way of protecting property – especially with standard locks. As you may know, most of standard locks can be picked in a minute. In order to be more safe, better install more secure lock with sophisticated key or go with electronic based system. Joebarteam have shared his instructable, where he built a fingerprint lock system for his garage. The basics of electronics is built around Arduino micro which reads electronic finger print scanner through serial interface. A bunch of limit switches ensure that closed, opened rood is detected correctly, also there are few fail-safe mechanism implemented that makes system power efficient and even safer. Mechanical lock is moved with stepper motor and seems … Continue reading

Most Important Design Tips For Creating Mobile App

Mobile app design inspiration Facing the design of applications for mobile platforms, UI / UX professionals are often limited to “hidden parameters.” Native development means using standard tools and following the rules, sometimes it’s not clear, but the overall concept should be understandable for both hard-boiled users and the newcomers. In addition, everything should work lightning fast, smooth and be intuitive and clear. And since designers need a little mobile app design inspiration, this article will guide through the thorns of principles and basic concepts of user interfaces and show some design tips for creating mobile app. Now let’s proceed to the basic design concepts and the way of getting it done perfectly. Guess this link UX/UI design services might help in solving questions like “how to design a mobile … Continue reading

Surfing web securely and privately with ProxMate

Internet is full of restrictions and dangers. You never know if your browsing is tracked especially when you want to stay anonymous. One of most common tracking purposes is advertisement. Probably you noticed when you search something on the internet; most of onsite ads are showing your searched items. Your behavior information is valuable to advertising companies so they could offer the products of your interest. This type of tracking isn’t that dangerous but rather annoying. However, who can deny, that there aren’t even more private information silently grabbed along the way. If you are working with precious information you probably want it be secure. Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of on/off switch to avoid being tracked?  Actually there is a great browser plugin that does that and even more. ProxMate is packed with Privacy and Security Features that you can use whenever you need.

Along with tracking block ability, it comes with anti-malware tool to keep you safe from lurking viruses on insecure websites. Continue reading

Hipaa Compliance Checklist: What You Need To Do

The most important value every person has is life and health. They rarely depend on possessed finances but rather on a lifestyle we live. We usually suppose that the only people who would ever be interested in our health are ourselves and that it hardly matters to strangers. However, after hospitals and various clinics started using cloud-based technologies for keeping personal data of their patients, many other people, who have no connection to these patients, got interested in their health conditions or, it would be more precise to say, the data about their health conditions and contact information. Those people are hackers who strive for using such information to make some extra cash. So, how to protect personal data from stealing? That’s where HIPAA comes to mind.