Technical Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

One major problem that young people face nowadays is quality research papers for their assignments. Technical requires that should be well versed with technological advancements that are taking place around us. Writing a paper is a concept that many students don’t really understand. This article highlights key aspects of technical papers and ideas for papers. This article is instrumental for any student especially those who are new in the field of technical persuasive paper writing.


In order to write an essay that is coherently persuasive, students should choose a topic for they are to able write with much ease. It is important to note that the effort or thought that is put into choosing a topic, the easier it becomes in creating an essay. Continue reading


Running head How to Make Your Websites Work on 200% With SEO


The search engine optimization is concerned with the construction of the quality content and web pages so as to attract users to the website. For the website traffic to increase there is a need to create effective and unique content which is helpful to the users. Also, the following should be considered.

Captivating keyword

A captivating keyword should be placed on each and every page so as to attract the viewers. Also each and every page should be different so as to make the work remain attractive. The captivating keyword should appear on the page tittle, URL, Meta tags and the images.


Improve the tittle page

According to SEO specialist in Vancouver, the tittle page is the first thing that the viewers see whenever they look at the site. It is also the first thing that the SEO shows. Therefore, the tittle page should arouse curiosity from the viewer and a sense of eagerness. The title page should be written using numbers and colorful letters mainly because the page title is the most valuable assets at ones disposal for attracting customers. Continue reading


Bluetooth controlled lights

The project is about controlling led lights over Bluetooth using windows mobile platform. There have been huge number of projects to control one or the other thing over Bluetooth, but majority of them have been for Android platform. This one is a little different as it can control up to eight synchronized lights over Bluetooth using a windows mobile phone.

Each light contains an Arduino processor along with a 16 NeoPixel ring which is easily available online. The rings are ‘chainable’ i.e. the output pin of one is connected to the input pin of another and hence can be controlled by a single microcontroller pin. The effect generated by the ‘ring lights’ is excellent and are synchronized. Moreover, the shade and the box used are 3D printed and the necessary files might be available on request. The application used has some inbuilt effect such as Flickering along with a slider to change to color of the LED’s. The sample project along with the necessary files for Windows 8.1 and above are available on the codeplex for you guys to try it out and suggest any changes.


Wrist-Watch for Nerds

This wrist watch, made by Elia, is a binary based wrist watch i.e. displays time in binary digits and is small in size. The yellow-color LED’s for the digits perfectly suits the watch and also is compatible with the OSHPark PCB, which is a custom PCB-board manufacturer. Another interesting fact about the watch is the strap which is paracord bracelet along with a buckle. The steps to make the buckle are easily available on the internet. The watch is powered by the PIC microcontroller which comes with a SSOP package.


Along with the PIC, it also has an on-board ‘real time clock’. Moreover, it also features a sleep mode in which there is no display and consumes only 150uW of power. There can be additional power saving by pulling the remaining pins to either VCC or GND. However this functionality is not yet available in the current PCB. Overall, the watch is really good and a must try for those people who have just started learning the PIC microcontroller. Moreover, if you are considering to make this watch yourself with the same schematics, I would advise you to cover the PCB and the LED’s with a good quality glass.