Expanding Raspberry Pi 3 WiFI range with external antenna


With appearance of Raspberry Pi 3 the new wave of hacking begun. This time the attention falls on new WiFi functionality. As wardr states: “It’s not clear why an external antenna is not an option for the Pi 3 ”. Having said that he thought why not including one by himself. He found that there can be two options of including external WiFi antenna. One could be more barbarian – just remove chip antenna and solder it to left top mount pad. This is more messy part as you need to scratch ground plane to make it possible soldering copper mesh. Another way is more civilized. On the bottom side of Raspberry Pi 3 there is two exposed pads where U.FL connector almost fits. Yet you still need to clear … Continue reading

Speed up ESP8266 flashing to 5 secs

WiFi Serial Transceiver Module ESP8266

If you are dealing with ESP8266 WiFi module you’ve probably noticed, that flashing its 512K firmware takes quite some time. Actually esptool takes about 53 seconds with all its bells and whistles. Deomid Ryabkov decided to look at transfer baud rates and experiment with it in order to find fastest doable flashing option. He started to go up gradually with baud rates and with 460k he was able to achieve over 17s flashing time. But he still wasn’t satisfied with the result. Various serial to USB adapters (FT232R) can support high baud rates like 3000000 and even higher (PL2303). The problem was how to make ESP USART to pick higher baud rates than 921600. He ended up by writing his custom flasher stub snippet which reads and writes flash contents … Continue reading

Scraping website for health related information with ESP8266

ESP8266 LED blinking circuit

If you like to have climate information always accessible, then you should suck in to some data stream and try to get the latest news out of it. For instance accuweather.com produces pretty accurate weather forecasts around the globe. Interesting thing is that along weather data they are forecasting migraine, . Philip Burgess from adafruit thought it would be great idea to build a device, that would follow the migraine forecast and give early warnings about higher migraine probability. Of course you should keep in mind, that forecasting is relative to weather data, so you shouldn’t take this too serious. In other hand this is really interesting project from technical perspective. The device is built around adafruit’s HUZZAH ESP8266 breakout board. He attached power supply plug and LED which is … Continue reading

Handy Atmel SAM D09 board


Atmel produce great ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers that also come in convenient SOIC. One of smallest micros SAM D09C which packs some great features. First of all it is capable of running at 48MHz and includes 8K of FLASH and 4K of RAM. There are 12 GPIO pins available that share Serial interface, ADC, interrupt, SWD, Waveform outputs and so on. And since it is ARM processor, it packs more processing power than similar AVRs. Dan Watson decided to build a SAM D09 development board for easy prototyping and embedding in to any project. He tried to keep the ability of using all functionality of chip, so he included 32.768kHz oscillator for RTC. It also can be used to run the system clock with on-board DFLL or DPLL. Other features include … Continue reading

A Guide to Choosing the Best IT Support

Best IT Support

IT is at the crux of most businesses, whether they’re small family-run enterprises or massive global conglomerates. The really successful businesses usually realise something that the others don’t though: IT needs to be maintained and looked after constantly, and it doesn’t simply work in the background, never requiring a second thought. The more successful businesses also realise this: keeping an IT system in tip-top shape isn’t something that just anyone can do – it needs to be done by a professional company, with the experienced needed to remedy problems or, even better, prevent the problems from occurring at all. There are loads of loads of IT support companies out there, and they all say that they’ll be the best choice for your company. And who can blame them for making … Continue reading